Tasha’s Own

Tasha’s Own, a company dedicated to creating 100% natural health and body products is reviving the lost arts while maintaining a strict standard of sustainability. Owner-creator Maureen Anderson began milking her first goat, Tasha, while learning the craft of soap making. After moving her small farm and family of 8 to Williamsburg, Virginia, she secured a spot at one of the country’s best farmers’ markets, and in a short time, her products – from soaps to balms to natural detergents – were in local shops. In 2017, Tasha’s Own began a joint venture with a fast-rising local distillery, creating soaps from the mash, and using barley husk as an exfoliant, and partnering with Three Pears director Mike Farrell, Tasha’s Own created a hospitality collection of soaps for small local inns. Three Pears and Tasha’s Own continue to collaborate on plans, offerings, marketing, graphics and packaging, all grounded in the purpose both find in the relationship.

Maureen embodies The Feminist Farmer, and she seeks to promote a new image of womanhood. “It’s hard for women to really talk about anything that’s not perfect,” she says, “but I want to show the dirt, grit and hard work that women do every day.”

Every proprietary Tasha’s Own recipe is created with hand foraged and cultivated herbs, indigenous medicinal plants, and aromatic flowers, seeds, and extracts.

Tasha’s Own soaps and apothecary products have changed the event landscape, giving weddings, showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteen, birthdays, and anniversaries a customized fragrant touch.

Tasha’s Own CBD Balm combines the powerful healing qualities of CBD oil with the local plants and herbs that best interact with the cannabinoids extracted from hemp seed, all in a base of pure coconut oil and shea butter.

Maureen shares her knowledge on her radio show, “The Mother Vine,” airing Saturday mornings on WMBG in Williamsburg, Virginia. Three Pears managing director, Mike Farrell, occasionally co-hosts with her.

Tasha’s Own partnered with Copper Fox Distillery in Williamsburg,
Virginia, using their discarded mash and barley husk exfoliant to make signature soaps for the distillery.

From dipped beeswax candles, making soap and cheese from fresh goat milk, and making herbal remedies from foraged herbs and plants, to beekeeping and shearing sheep, Maureen shares her many skills and her knowledge in workshops open to the public, held at Madison Fields in Dickerson, MD. For information as it becomes available, click on NEWS on this website.