Armonie d’Epoca

Armonie d’Epoca hand crafts wrought iron products with heat, skill, perseverance and dedication. The love of the artisan is essential to reproduce warmth and irresistible charm.

Located in Umbria, Italy, the cradle of blacksmithing craftsmanship since Etruscan times, Armonie d’Epoca possesses a library of hundreds of inherited molds made from the most prestigious families through time. The preservation of a tradition requires both great care for time trusted design and a vision for the future.

Three Pears and Armonie d’Epoca collaborate to produce modern iron work for home, hospitality, public spaces, urban art, and landscape architecture.

Armonie d’Epoca takes pride in preserving a time-honored tradition of translating iron into warmth and charm and are determined to carry that into the future.

Massimo Ubaldi is the direct heir of a family of artisans whose experience in blacksmithing has been handed down to three generations, from the First World War, through Italy’s reconstruction.

Mary Celi, Director of Design at Armonie d’Epoca, is a self-taught painter, a poet, and a graduate of the Art Institute.

Assisted in his workshop by Tuscan art masters, Massimo lavishes all his love and creative spirit on his wrought iron creations.

As an option, Aromonie d’Epoca also has Chinese manufacturing facilities. Old World artistry meets large-scale production capabilities.

Armonie d’Epoca and Three Pears collaborate on translating art into large-scale installations for hospitality, public spaces, urban art, and landscape architecture.