Our People

“The world needs all types of minds.”
– Temple Grandin

Three Pears Productions is a team of people who are all outliers in different ways, yet we all seek to interpret the art in this portfolio with the same humor, joy, and intensity as the art itself. We want a team that brings differences of identity, communication, opinion, expression, creative perspective, and execution. We choose “outside the box”.

A multi-cultural, multi-lingual team, living in different states and countries, we have to use every available resource of technology. By emphasizing individuality, there are challenges, but we believe these are more than offset by a windfall of creativity.

We feel strongly about our relationship with this artist, and for his right (and ours) to belong in a productive, inclusive world. Every aspect of what we do celebrates wildly different perspectives. Let’s meet our constantly growing team.

Madison Prince


Through Madison’s art he gives us a fascinating glimpse into his world, in the way that he uses color, space and subject matter.

As far back as anyone can recall, Madison Prince carried an art pad wherever he went. At age 4, Madison was diagnosed with autism, and his art has become his primary means of communicating the world in which he lives to the world in which others live. He has gone through many phases of art, style and media, and has been encouraged to create what he felt, rather than what someone wanted him to draw or paint. As a result, he gives us a fascinating glimpse into his world, in the way that he uses color, space and subject matter.

Although he does original work, he often uses classic works of art as the starting point for his inspiration. His interpretations of those works are, themselves, classics. He has been featured in many art shows, and his commissioned works of art include a display at the UCLA School of Dentistry. He was the featured artist in the 2018 “Autism After 21 Day.” His images are now being displayed on numerous consumer items including clothing, home goods, designer giftwrap, and wall art, exclusively through Three Pears Designs.

Madison is the inspiration for the founding of Madison House Autism Foundation, a national organization serving adults on the autism spectrum, their families, and other caregivers, by bringing to the attention of the public their many talents and abilities, along with the challenges that they face throughout life. Three Pears provides pro bono marketing and graphics for the foundation, as well as assists in the direction and production of their annual art show, Autism After 21.


Mike Farrell


“Madison’s worldview is both original and constantly refreshing, and through his art he gives us access to the amazing world from which that viewpoint emerges.”

Mike Farrell is an internationally recognized designer and installation artist with a stellar 3-decade career in the home furnishings and design industry. He has won numerous awards for cutting edge design and innovative showroom and retail window displays, and is known for his wildly creative use of everyday objects as a medium for his art. Mike’s designs have appeared in New York’s ABC Home, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, CB2, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Home Depot, and many small- to mid-size design studios and retailers. He has designed for prestigious brands such as Surya, Valdese, and Adesal. Editors of several leading publications have called Mike a transformative figure in the industry, with his innovative and constantly changing lens. Underpinning Mike’s creativity has always been deep awareness and concern for social justice. Whether with artistic references to Martin Luther King, Jr., or an invitation to experience music from the perspective of a deaf man, Mike reveals the strength and beauty in the worlds of the underserved and the under-noticed in his work.

After a 3-year, self-imposed sabbatical driven by his perception that creativity coupled with a compelling story had disappeared, Mike reentered the arena with Three Pears Productions, an energetic new startup design and branding company built on a base of over 6,000 original works of art by Madison Prince. Though living in New York City, he often visits the hill country near Washington, DC, where he and Madison build an enduring friendship and a business.

His vision is to facilitate an atmosphere that stimulates Madison’s creativity, exposes his art, and uses his design elements for a rapidly growing repertoire of home furnishing, apparel, wall art and other products bearing his unique and compelling genius.

Andrea Deibler-Gorman


“I always feel at home with people who are outside the box, and these people, our work, and this art are unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

Andrea graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in English. A committed community volunteer, she has leant her time and expertise in elementary and middle school classrooms, served on community task forces and committees in the college town where she lives, and directed a summer arts and education program. A career early childhood education administrator, Andrea has worked as a textbook proofreader, and is a published writer and blogger. At the invitation of longtime friend Mike Farrell, she now works as Office Manager and coordinates Media for Three Pears Productions.

Andrea lives in a small rural town, which she often refers to as a welcome pocket of progressive thinking, in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley of central Pennsylvania. She travels in the United States and internationally every chance she gets.

Aaron Sizemore


“What I love about the art is that it is his own multiverse with characters, back stories, and alter egos all interacting. I really connect with his contour and line-work, and think it is vital to maintain the integrity of all of that.”

Aaron Sizemore studied painting at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has exhibited his work in galleries in the Eastern United States and Canada. Active in the fabric and home furnishings design industry for the last 15 years, he has partnered with Mike Farrell in many global design projects and art installations, most notably Amazed at High Point Home Furnishings market, and Blue Home at the America’s Mart in Atlanta. Aaron has been an important part of the Three Pears design team since 2017.

Aaron was born in High Point, NC, the center of the home furnishings world, where he resides today. He surrounds himself with family and friends, art projects, and art installations. An accomplished woodworker, welder, and craft brewer, he is about to open a new microbrewery, his longtime dream.

Julieta Romano


“Working with Madison’s art I imagine stories bursting out of his creations. I love discovering compositions and elements in his work and how they fit together and interact to tell ever more complex stories from his imagination.”


Cuando trabajo con el arte de Madison imagino historias brotando de sus creaciones. Amo descubrir composiciones y elementos en su trabajo y cómo se relacionan e interactúan para contar historias todavía más complejas.

Argentine native Julieta Romano studied painting and sculpting at Nueva Escuela de Diseño in Buenos Aires, and discovered there her true love: Illustration. After graduation, she began work as a textile designer for Adesal, the groundbreaking edgy textile mill under the direction of Mike Farrell. Mike brought Juli on board as a Three Pears designer where she employs her fresh perspective and fanciful illustrative talent.

After living and working in Mexico and San Francisco, Julieta now lives and works from Buenos Aires, often referred to as the Paris of South America, where she continues to develop a reputation as a skilled illustrator and cartoonist.


Julieta Romano, de Argentina, estudió pintura y escultura en Nueva Escuela de Diseño en Buenos Aires. Ahí fue donde descubrió su verdadero amor: la ilustración. Luego de su graduación, comenzó a trabajar como diseñadora textil en Adesal, la innovadora y original fábrica textil bajo la dirección de Mike Farrell. Mike subió a bordo a Juli como diseñadora de Three Pears donde aplica su fresca perspectiva y fantasioso talento ilustrativo.

Luego de vivir y trabajar en México y San Francisco, Julieta vive y trabaja desde Buenos Aires, a menudo referida como la Paris de Sudamérica, donde continua desarrollando su reputación como experta ilustradora y caricaturista.

Nikki March


“Madison’s work inspires me with his spontaneity of content and use of ambiguous subjects. I feel that when I look at any one of his pieces, he’s truly expressing himself from a place of unbound creativity.”

Nikki graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Fine & Studio Arts, Fashion/Apparel Design, and Merchandising, and earned an MA in Fine & Studio Arts from The University of Alabama. Nikki has extensive experience in gallery marketing and management, set design and construction, retail home decorating, furniture design, and design and management of pop-up displays in Washington DC, and San Diego. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Nikki has lived in Shanghai, China teaching English and developing art curriculums. At Three Pears Productions, Nikki is a designer and product manager as well as an important liaison with our Chinese partners.

Today Nikki resides in DC, but travels the world on a regular basis, documenting her adventures through her photography. She is rapidly becoming a travel and trend influencer on social media.

Agostina Ele


“What I love about Madison’s work is how every piece is so different in composition, subject, linework, etc. But once you step back, it all fits together perfectly like puzzle pieces that form one bigger picture of his world.”

Agostina is a textile designer and illustrator from Mendoza Argentina, currently living in the US. She got her Fibers Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has worked as a textile designer for brands such as Kohl’s, National Geographic and Abercrombie & Fitch. She currently owns a small brick and mortar textile & home goods shop which she opened in November 2017.

Challenging the status quo, always seeking things that inspire and fulfill her, she doesn’t necessarily follow the expected path. When she is not working or drawing you can find her dreaming of her next international adventure, on a plane, or exploring a new city somewhere in the world.

Jonathan Adamson


Jonathan is slow to define himself, careful not to limit what he or anyone else might expect him to be in the world. He earned a BA in Media Arts studying Film at Brigham Young University and uses video as a tool to elevate voices that articulate a new, more inclusive, interdependent vision for the world.

His work has enabled organizations to educate and earn the support of viewers concerning their efforts to reintegrate marginalized people into the life of our communities. His work has appeared in film festivals, national news outlets, and the front page of YouTube.

His ideal evening is spent cooking a meal with loved ones using fresh harvest from the garden and savoring it between conversations about philosophy, poetry and art.



Kentucky native Jamie Resch has a diverse and extensive background in digital marketing and music. She spent nearly a decade in Charleston, South Carolina where she worked in Marketing at a Performance Arts theatre and wrote music previews and reviews for local entertainment publications, the Charleston City Paper and the Charleston Scene. Jamie was also ingrained in the city’s lively Americana scene, performing with her bands along the east coast in her spare time. Actively involved in the local community, Jamie uses her marketing skill set with her passion for music to organize and execute an annual Americana music festival as well as several benefit concerts for a variety of philanthropic causes.

After moving back to Bowling Green, KY, Jamie honed in on her Search Marketing skills, specializing in Google Ads and Analytics, and worked for two marketing agencies in the area. Jamie’s passion for the arts and exploring the nuances of human expression drew her to the Three Pears Productions mission with the purpose of bringing Madison’s art to the world in new and exciting ways.

In her spare time, you can find Jamie at home songwriting with her two cats, going on fun adventures with her friends, or performing in a local haunt.



Whitney began her college education as a Fine Arts student studying painting at Western Kentucky University, but switched her focus junior year. She graduated with a BA in Art History and Folk Studies. Her passion for art and creators fused with community involvement, and she has organized local art exhibits, volunteered with the Boys & Girls Club, and co-owned a non-profit art gallery and studio.

Born and raised in Kentucky, she moved east after graduation and found a home in Richmond, Virginia for a few years. It wasn’t long before Kentucky called her back to the small town life. Now residing in Bowling Green, Kentucky, just up the road from Nashville, Tennessee, she works in digital marketing with a focus on social media advertising and management.

In her spare time, you can find Whitney hanging out with her three elderly rescue dogs, swimming in a nearby Kentucky creek, or relaxing with friends in a backyard while swatting away mosquitos.