Nikki March


Nikki graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Fine & Studio Arts, Fashion/Apparel Design, and Merchandising, and earned an MA in Fine & Studio Arts from The University of Alabama. Nikki has extensive experience in gallery marketing and management, set design and construction, retail home decorating, furniture design, and design and management of pop-up displays in Washington DC, and San Diego. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Nikki has lived in Shanghai, China teaching English and developing art curriculums. At Three Pears Productions, Nikki is a designer and product manager as well as an important liaison with our Chinese partners.

Today Nikki resides in DC, but travels the world on a regular basis, documenting her adventures through her photography. She is rapidly becoming a travel and trend influencer on social media.

“Madison’s work inspires me with his spontaneity of content and use of ambiguous subjects. I feel that when I look at any one of his pieces, he’s truly expressing himself from a place of unbound creativity.”