Mike Farrell


Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell is an internationally recognized designer and installation artist with a stellar 3-decade career in the home furnishings and design industry. He has won numerous awards for cutting edge design and innovative showroom and retail window displays, and is known for his wildly creative use of everyday objects as a medium for his art. Mike’s designs have appeared in New York’s ABC Home, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, CB2, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Home Depot, and many small- to mid-size design studios and retailers. He has designed for prestigious brands such as Surya, Valdese, and Adesal. Editors of several leading publications have called Mike a transformative figure in the industry, with his innovative and constantly changing lens. Underpinning Mike’s creativity has always been deep awareness and concern for social justice. Whether with artistic references to Martin Luther King, Jr., or an invitation to experience music from the perspective of a deaf man, Mike reveals the strength and beauty in the worlds of the underserved and the under-noticed in his work.

After a 3-year, self-imposed sabbatical driven by his perception that creativity coupled with a compelling story had disappeared, Mike reentered the arena with Three Pears Productions, an energetic new startup design and branding company built on a base of over 6,000 original works of art by Madison Prince. Though living in New York City, he often visits the hill country near Washington, DC, where he and Madison build an enduring friendship and a business.

His vision is to facilitate an atmosphere that stimulates Madison’s creativity, exposes his art, and uses his design elements for a rapidly growing repertoire of home furnishing, apparel, wall art and other products bearing his unique and compelling genius.

“Madison’s worldview is both original and constantly refreshing, and through his art he gives us access to the amazing world from which that viewpoint emerges.”