Andrea Deibler-Gorman

Office Manager & Logistics

Andrea Deibler Gorman

A career early childhood education teacher and administrator, Andrea has leant her time and expertise in elementary and middle school classrooms, served on community task forces and committees in the college town where she lives, and directed a summer arts and education program. Andrea has also worked as a textbook proofreader and is a published writer and blogger. At the invitation of longtime friend Mike Farrell, she now works managing logistics, communication, and the growing customer service department at Three Pears Productions.

Living in a small rural town in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley of central Pennsylvania feeds her love of both hiking and cooking, with its close proximity to state forests and farmers markets. Andrea travels in the United States and internationally every chance she gets and is never happier than when coming across some new food to try.

“I always feel at home with people who are outside the box, and these people, our work, and this art are unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”