Three Pears Productions artist Madison Prince’s work was commissioned to illustrate promotional materials for the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Children’s Dental Center Capital Campaign.

Potomac, MD, (January 23, 2019) — Madison Prince, the artist behind energetic new design and branding company, Three Pears Productions, was recently commissioned to contribute his work for promotion of the launch of the Capital Campaign for the renovation of the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Children’s Dental Center in Los Angeles, California.

In 2017, Dr. Gregory Prince, alumni of the UCLA School of Dentistry, and his wife, JaLynn Prince, Madison’s parents, visited UCLA and the new Dean of the school, Dr. Paul H. Krebsbach. Before beginning his tenure at UCLA, Dr. Krebsbach was a critical specialist, focusing on dental care for patients with disabilities, and on complex cases involving anesthesia in particular. The Princes share concerns for that vulnerable population, as Madison was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old. Dr. Prince showed Dr. Krebsbach some of Madison’s art. Dr. Krebsbach asked to use some of those bold images in a palette of saturated colors to brighten up the sometimes cheerless health care environment for the patients they treat, and the staff that works there.

In September, 2018, the school again contacted Madison, to commission him to illustrate a brochure distributed to promote support of the capital campaign launch for the renovation of UCLA’s Children’s Dental Center. Madison completed 6 portraits of teeth, in varied colors and patterns, and four were chosen, two of them in the blue and gold of UCLA. Madison also completed a protrait of Dr. Krebsbach as a gift, now displayed in his office at UCLA. Dr. Krebsbach said, in a letter to the Prince’s, “Art has an incredible way to express and evoke emotion, and I am grateful for Madison’s contribution of bringing more artwork in to the dental school.” To Madison himself, he included a handwritten note saying, “I love the picture you drew for me. I have it in my office and look at it every day. Thank you. You are very talented!”

Three Pears Productions employs an international team of experienced designers to create customized, visually compelling solutions for branding, advertising, public art venues, spaces, showrooms and displays; and develops consumer products focused on home furnishings, apparel, fashion accessories, sportswear and other products for the active lifestyle. Three Pears provides ideas and products that are innovative and exciting by accessing the vision of a different part of the spectrum of human identity.

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Paul H. Krebsbach, DDS, PhD, Dean of the UCLA School of Dentistry, stands in his office beside the portrait given to him by artist Madison Prince.

Madison Prince’s art work was commissioned for the brochure to launch the capital campaign to fund the renovation of the UCLA Children’s Dental Center

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